NeuEra-Quantum Flow

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 Training designed for your personal well-being, but also for your clients/patients

For you :

  • Bringing together a new vision of human potential and the universe: between science and spirituality (flow, quantum, neuroscience, epigenetics, yoga, vedanta, tao, etc.)
  • Live more and more in a state of unity (Flow) to see the opportunities of life and realize that there is a state beyond all problems and where everything is possible.
  • Deepen your knowledge and apply psychology, physiology and neuroscience to the potential of human creativity and performance
  • Create a simple optimal breathing program: for vitality and sports performance
  • Develop a mastery of the M.E.C and Quantum Flow Protocol (from inconsistency to coherence, from survival to creativity)
  • Becoming more and more resilient and aware of fears and what pushes us to act in order to discern and make the best decisions
  • Know how to identify the factors and the state of flow to optimize your practices and create new ones in all areas (sport, business, art, etc.)
  • Combining gamma and theta meditation practices to experience states of reprogramming: knowing how to escape from the known, from survival and create a new reality
  • Prepare a day of flow, an event, let an illness heal, resolve a relationship problem
  • Clarifying the New Age, the law of attraction, yoga, energetics between science and spirituality
  • Put into action what drives us and inspires us every day towards a reason to be inspired by life itself beyond the self


For your clients/patients:

  • Increase the power of your sessions and offer a more complete program in a simple way
  • Open your consultations or sessions to levers of healing and evolution throughout the human ecosystem
  • Facilitate the transition to parasympathetic to increase results and involve people with an improved placebo effect
  • Learn to guide a process of return to coherence (alpha mode) then resolution of internal conflict with the three stages M.E.C. (simplified), breathing and Quantum Flow (outside space, time, mind)
  • Offer meditations guided by breathing and a simple version of the M.E.C trinity to allow access to flow-type states and enable healing, creativity and regeneration
  • Know how to offer journaling for monitoring a theme, problem solving, flow optimization
  • Refine your expertise in breathing to know how to test vitality, respiratory capacities to know people's tolerance to CO2, effort and stress.
  • Understand the effects of the breathing exercises that exist today in the world and know how to offer 5 ventilation techniques for specific effects and moments.
  • Guide people to develop optimal breathing and offer them a specific exercise based on the CO2 test and its objective
  • Improve athlete training with breathing training techniques and adaptations for sporting action
  • Integrate these essential practices and routines to provide a comprehensive training and healing program tailored to you or an individual.


What you will answer in this training:

What are the moments of complete absorption and Flow? How can you make them more qualitative and which ones can you recreate again?


What are your deepest and most powerful motivations?


What is your main problem/blockage, when is it strongest and how can you free yourself from it and act in harmony with your environment?


What do you dream of achieving, this vision of an ideal life and daily life and how can you be conscious and clear-sighted enough to live them a little more every day?


How can you organize your routines and your days to better meet your needs, optimize stress, promote vitality, creativity and performance?


Who does he have beyond the classical conception of matter and human potential?


What is it to be happy, what is unconditional love or unified consciousness. How can we realize that life inspires us beyond what we think possible?



Lilian Durey









Consultant and trainer in the science of flow, optimal breathing and meditation for 10 years. Helps coaches, athletes and entrepreneurs to develop a state of mind and practices of breathing, regeneration and meditation to promote flow, concentration and creativity.


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