NeuEra - Q-Technology Training for Junior Tester, ENGLISH

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Q-Technology Training for Junior Tester – NeuEra

This training will enable you to become a Junior Authorized Tester by Q, as soon as you have your Q-Box and have passed the in-class exam.

Training Only:
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Training Overview:

The "Q-Technology for Junior Tester" training by NeuEra is a comprehensive immersion into the cutting-edge world of bodyhacking technology, specifically designed for future testers of Q technology. This training is essential for understanding and mastering the fundamental principles of postural neurostabilization and the application of Q technologies in a practical and experimental setting.

Training Objectives:

Understanding the Central Nervous System (CNS):

  • Study the different parts of the CNS, including the brain and spinal cord.
  • Analyze sensory and motor functions as well as afferent and efferent pathways.

Q Technology and its Applications:

  • Introduction to Q technology and its mechanisms of action.
  • Use of Q insoles for postural correction and optimization of sensory information.
  • Exploration of the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and Schumann resonances on the human body.

Functional Neurology and Sensory Rehabilitation:

  • Study of sensory deafferentation and its impacts on posture.
  • Techniques of sensory stimulation to improve proprioception and physical performance.

Ergonomics and Injury Prevention:

  • Importance of posture in preventing work-related pain and injuries.
  • Methods of postural correction including physical exercises, ergonomic equipment, and wearable technologies.

Program Content:

Introduction to Q-Technology Training:

  • Presentation of the objectives and expected benefits for junior testers, with tips to maximize the effectiveness of multisensory learning.

The Online Training Platform:

  • Use of online tools to access courses, participate in discussions, and ask questions under the training videos.

Structure and Functioning of the CNS:

  • Details on the anatomy of the central and peripheral nervous system, including the classification of nerves and their functions.

Q Technology in Practice:

  • Demonstration of the use of Q insoles, their impact on sensory receptors in the feet, and postural adjustments.

Impact of Electromagnetic Fields:

  • Studies and research on the effects of EMF on human health, with a focus on protection against electromagnetic disruptors.

Ergonomic Approaches and Rehabilitation:

  • Classical and advanced methods to correct poor postures, reduce chronic pain, and improve quality of life at work.

Benefits for Junior Testers:

Exclusive Access to Cutting-Edge Q Technologies:

  • Opportunity to test and resell Q products, with direct feedback for continuous improvement of the technologies.

Development of Specialized Skills:

  • In-depth training in functional neurology and practical applications of Q technology.

Support and Interaction with Experts:

  • Participation in private discussion groups on Facebook and Discord, allowing exchanges with other students and specialists.

This training is a significant step towards mastering postural neurostabilization technologies, offering junior testers a comprehensive understanding of the tools and methods necessary to optimize physical performance and prevent in