Our NeuEra “Buddy Hackr”

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new credential – NeuEra Body Hacker (NBH).

This unique honor is not just a distinction, it is a revolution in the way we understand and approach health, neurology and sport.

By recognizing the NeuEra Body Hackers, we are highlighting these individuals who have figured out how to optimize the extraordinary machine that is the human body. They have acquired an astonishing skill at "hacking" the body's various systems, approaching health and performance issues from ingenious angles and pushing athletic performance to uncharted altitudes.

Whether it's healthcare professionals who are renewing the way they treat dysfunction using innovative approaches, or experts in the field of sports who are pushing athletes to reach their maximum potential, every 'NBH' is a pioneer in his field.

The NBH designation embodies a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge neuroscience, functional neurology, integrative medicine, biohacking and innovative anti-aging techniques. Our 'Body Hackers' take the best of these areas of expertise to "hack" human health and performance

Imagine, for example, a physiotherapist who uses new knowledge in functional neurology to help his patients recover more quickly, or a coach who applies biohacking methods to increase the performance of his athletes. These are the NeuEra Body Hackers.

Don't forget to follow their successes and stories and share yours with us using the hashtags #buddyhackr and #NBH. Together we explore new frontiers in our quest to improve human health and well-being

To the future, to innovation, to NeuEra Body Hackers!

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