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Neuera is an international, avant-garde training organization for health and sport professions that supports you in human optimization.

Neuera, the essential training courses for health and sports professionals who wish to increase their results.

Neuera promises you:

- Innovative techniques based on the latest scientific research

- Understanding the human body through functional neurology and integrative medicine immediately applicable in both health and sport

- Using techniques wisely to avoid common errors in the field of functional neurology

- Instant adaptation of your treatments/exercises/services to each individual in order to optimize their performance the day after training


Our approach considers the human being as a whole and through the development of healthy lifestyle habits. We offer training for specialists and people looking for new health skills. Our taught techniques are easily integrated into the current therapeutic protocol of all health specialists such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, kinesiologists, etc.

Improve your knowledge:

Do you think you are an expert on the movement so much that you know nothing about what governs it behind the scenes?

Such as functional neurology, postural disruptors, muscular, lymphatic, vascular functioning, visual, vestibular sensors, emotions, fascia, motor patterns, force zones, electromagnetic interactions, the vital body...

It seems much more complex than what you were able to learn during your studies, doesn't it?

The movement is indeed complex, but so is the individual you are following.

You have probably noticed this. So identical programs for your clients/patients are more than obsolete!

Whether you are a therapist or a sports professional, what makes you a better professional does not only lie in your knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, because as you will have understood, it is a vast world of information that interacts with our body even before it produces a movement. And you don't learn all this at school.

New advances in neuroscience, functional nutrition, functional neurology, quantum physics and epigenetics have brought a whole new approach for human optimization professionals. And Neuera, avant-garde in this field, has designed various training courses that will meet all your expectations.

In the health and sports professions, it is your duty to update your knowledge to improve your long-term results and follow-ups.

Our representatives can guide you through the world of our training!

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Who are our training courses for ?

To all professionals

  • Health (physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, nutritionist, ENT, doctor, orthoptist, podiatrist, fasciatherapist, massage therapist, etc.)

  • Sports (sports coach, physical trainer, trainer, kinesiologist (Quebec)…)
  • Well-being (yoga, pilates teacher, energy therapist, etc.)

  • And more recently our techniques have also shown their effectiveness with animals (animal osteopath, etc.)

    But also to anyone wishing to retrain in one of these fields thanks to our complete courses.

A cumulative total of 6 Neuera training courses and more will allow you to integrate our referencing platform accessible to customers/patients


"It's one of the most stimulating seminars I've done in ages. Friendliness, tons of information, practice galore. Honestly, bravo to you. I wanted to know what was being done outside of the chiro and I was served!”

Dr Axel Frechet, Chiropractor, France

The training is just great. I took the trilogy for manual therapists and it was great. We immediately feel that they are passionate people who want to pass on their knowledge. We see the theory and then we put it directly into practice so it’s concrete. In my practice this allows me either to treat patients very quickly or to treat patients for whom we could not find solutions to their problems.
It allows us to have another vision of the body, to attack the problem from another angle.

Barney LOUIS, physiotherapist (Belgium)author

“The Neuera training courses were a revelation for me!
Beyond the powerful tools at the postural level thanks to Neurotherapy there is constant improvement with the community.
With INP level 1 and 2 training I have helped many clients to get rid of their chronic imbalances and even more in their sports practice and beyond.
Frankly, training that revolutionized my practice and the results of my athletes. »

Guillaume Canesson - Coach of Sapiens (France)

“My clients have significantly improved their posture, their performance but above all reduced their pain and improved their mobility as well as their flexibility in a surprising way in just 1 to 2 sessions combined with the supervision of a specific exercise program. Neuera's techniques allow you to activate muscles that are inhibited or weak in a single session and are maintained over time.

Peter Manguian - Kinesiologist and Naturopath (Canada)

“The application of new concepts saves precious time and limits the quantity of interventions, while generating cascades of corrective effects. Neuera training provides rapid results in just a few minutes on symptoms. I don't know how I could function as well as I did without these tools."

Philippe Denis - Osteopath (Canada)