NeuEra - Periodization and Russian Methods for Strength

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During this training you will learn block periodization for yourself or your athletes. Block periodization is an increasingly important aspect in the success of athletes at any level of competition, but how do you optimize your periodization without neglecting important parameters such as strength, speed and power? During this course you will learn how to do block periodization and how to combine strength, speed and power in the same week. Block periodization is the way to do this and produce the most results quickly.

What will you learn?

  • How to set up a periodization over 24 months
  • Microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles specifically oriented to the block
  • The distribution of a week and each session
  • How to incorporate maximal exercise testing
  • The distribution of intensifications and different models to apply for sports
  • How to arrange training and sports practice sessions
  • How to mount accumulation blocks
  • How to periodize rehabilitation for an athlete for 12 weeks
  • Plyometrics Basics and Development for Athletes
  • Analysis of different types of Russian programs


Steve Dubé, Bsc.

Founding President and Owner of SSP BARBELL CLUB

BAC in teaching physical activity (B.Sc.) (1999), University of Quebec in Montreal

DEC. in human sciences (1992), Cégep Lionel-Groulx

OF THE. in general education (1989), Collège des Frères du Sacré Cœur

Scientific back training and abdominal training (C.H.E.K Institute San Diego California)

Global postural reprogramming (University of Marseille)

Prevention and rehabilitation of sport injuries (elite force Charles Poliquin)

Hypertrophy training (Ventix training)

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