NeuEra - Certified Movement Architect - Module 4, Extensions

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Module 4 is where the introduction of coaching tools begins. Each of these tools was selected according to its relevance in relation to the development of coordination and transferability to other practices, in particular practices that require stability and agility.

Kettlebells are known to help a lot with back strength and stability, which will have a direct impact on the rest of the body.

The climbing rope is amazing for grip and shoulders.

Atlas stone is difficult to replicate as a movement mechanic.

The maces are unique in the dynamics and rhythm of the upper limb.

Admittedly, these are tools that are sometimes more difficult to find in stores, but each piece has advantages and benefits that have been significant in my practice, and I still actively use them today. This is why I wanted to make it an introduction inside module 4 because the development of our quality of movement can be assisted by external tools.

In martial arts, it is said that the weapon is only an extension of the previously acquired movement. I apply the same philosophy here: you learned to move better in modules 1 to 3, now is the time to see how you can start using this intelligence in the face of external resistance!



Charles Robert


Massage and physiotherapy therapist