NeuEra - Certified Movement Architect - Module 3, The Beast

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“Anything that can go forward must also be able to go backward and sideways.” Locomotion, such a rich and complex topic!
There are obviously many ideologies and schools of thought around the practice of "movement", but again, I like to base the content of this module on a few fundamental principles.

Learning to move through space is one of the first things that drives us in our first year of life and once we have mastered walking and running, it is as if we take for granted that everything that needed to be learned is now crossed off the list .
I make a point of revisiting the primary movements and then exploring and building complexity that will challenge many. The movements will benefit coordination, balance, joint health and mobility on many levels. One of the main advantages is to develop an agility that will have a significant impact on the practice of sports as well as on daily life. It's a great way to rethink the way you move!

I have heard that practicing Capoeira changes the way a person walks. So developing the movements of locomotion will bring you grace and fluidity in all your movements!


Charles Robert


Massage and physiotherapy therapist