Pinhole glasses

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Pinhole glasses

grid glasses, also known as pinhole glasses, are unisex glasses easy to wear without going to an optician and with small diameter holes.
Each hole allows only a restricted ray of light to reach the eyes, thus reducing the circle of confusion on the retina and increasing the depth of field.
Intended for people with visual defects, mesh glasses often result in clearer vision.

The holes have the effect of reducing the angles from which light is received and direct the rays of light to precisely strike the retina. The improvement in visual acuity can be striking and manifest as improved image sharpness, contrast and brightness.

Pinhole glasses are also helpful for eye strain. As they change the focus of the eye and block some of the intensity and glare from surrounding light sources, the eye can relax a little more and this helps increase mental concentration. This can also be very beneficial in reducing myopia.

Warning: this type of glasses reduces brightness and peripheral vision, they should not be used for driving or dangerous tasks.

Additionally, pinhole lenses cannot replace prescription lenses in all situations. People with more than 6 diopters of myopia are unlikely to find pinhole glasses useful because they cannot completely get rid of blur. Just as it would be risky to wear regular glasses in situations where they could be broken and damage the eyes, there are situations where using pinhole glasses instead of prescription glasses is not recommended. If you have decided to get a pair, only wear pinhole glasses when limited vision does not pose a risk.

Recommended use: Use pinhole lenses a few times a day for 15 to 30 minutes (when eye fatigue or not) and never during potentially dangerous activities.