Epigenetics testing set

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Epigenetics testing set

The vials in this kit are bioenergetic fingerprint samples. They can be used as a means of obtaining information about the body's bioenergetic system.

Each 1.8ml bottle contains 100% charcoal and contains no biologically active ingredients. The test kit is for diagnostic purposes only and not for internal use.

In the United States, no medical or health claims can be substantiated or conclusions drawn from the use of these vials. If used for medical purposes, it is classified as an exempt non-invasive investigative procedure under Federal Regulation Code 21, Ch1, 812, 2, Section C: ''For investigational use only''.
As such, it may only be used if confirmation of the diagnosis is obtained by other medically established diagnostic procedures and when used within professional practice.

This kit is used for kinesiology/kinesiology type muscle testing.