NeuEra - Certified Movement Architect - Module 1, Movement Vocabulary

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Learning to move well goes way beyond simple training, it's literally a form of language! And for the conversation to flow smoothly, it is important to have acquired and practiced the fundamentals! Isn't it difficult and frustrating to have a conversation in a foreign language that you haven't yet mastered?

Many disciplines can help us learn about ourselves, but there is something unique in the way we move our body, in the ease of doing it, in the grace with which we manage to do it but In all of this, there is above all a process to get there. For the observer, beauty is in the result; for the practitioner, beauty is in the process!

Learning that we have difficulty moving, learning that we do not feel comfortable with our body, learning to undo beliefs such as being too old, not having balance or coordination, these are all discoveries that can be brought to light through rigorous and varied practice! Having a good vocabulary also means that any learning related to this vocabulary will be easier and faster!

Learn to dance? Accessible.

Starting a new sport? Accessible.

Getting into martial arts practice? Accessible.

Simply operate with ease on a daily basis? This should be the norm. Have a body that has the intelligence to adapt when the conditions of our environment are not optimal without having to consciously intervene? Easy as a finger! Learn to trust yourself, learn to trust your body to navigate a chaotic world full of surprises!

So, in this first course of the Architect of Movement certification, it will be about the acquisition of a varied vocabulary in order to allow more complex conversations to be had over the course of the courses that follow.

Before you learn how to do a backflip, you have to learn how to jump, right?

Rhythm, precision and balance are the pillars.

On the menu :

  • Isolate joint movement (level 1)
  • Integrate the different tensions, the movement of the center of mass, the coordination of movement in space, the strength of the levers, the use of tools to force the integration process, the work of partners to open the doors of the Matrix… (level 2-3-4)
  • Improvise, where the game mixes with the game for a better ability to adapt! (level 5 and other complementary pearls) We will learn to move, to communicate and learn to play! Come play with us! 


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