NeuEra - Certified Movement Architect - Module 5, Intensity, Balls and Play

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Complexity and intensity! For module 5, we revisit some exercises seen in previous modules to see more intense versions.

It's like going from beginner to expert level in video games: it's not meant to be easy, but the challenge is more than interesting!

Movements on the ground are our first victims. Then we see some additional exercises with the kettlebells to continue our learning journey with this big ball.

There is also a section with balls to work the cerebellum with rhythm, coordination, and proprioception.

Who says intensity, also says jumps! Do you remember: running, jumping, climbing, crawling, swimming, etc. as fundamental skills to master?

The jumps are often overlooked despite their ease of access! Well, not here! I absolutely wanted to honor my experience in the middle of parkour/ADD with a practice of jumps and an introduction to precision jumps; nothing better for lower body proprioception!

And where is the improvisation in all this? It's time to find a partner and go play!

Explore, Experiment, Play.




Charles Robert


Massage and physiotherapy therapist