NeuEra - Motor learning for sports performance

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This training includes a lot of theory taking up the common thread at neuera which is neurology. In this way, this training explains a lot of content related to the anatomy and functions of the nervous system. 

We will take time to talk to you about the different lobes (frontal, occipital, temporal, parietal) of the brain and their respective functions, in order to better understand which parts of the brain are involved in the acquisition of knowledge, as well as in the mobilization of resources.

You will be told about other structures such as the cingulate gyrus, corpus callosum, fornix, hypothalamus, cerebellum, basal ganglia, supplementary motor area, primary motor cortex, hippocampus, etc.

In the process we will take you towards the concept of neuroplasticity, in order to understand the main points of the latter. You will learn about concepts such as the dynamic or fixistic conception of the brain, the dynamics of brain networks, theoretical models of spontaneous recovery, synaptic connectivity, etc.

An entire section will be devoted to the senses. The senses that allow us to receive the world in order to be able to put a meaning into it, ultimately allowing us to take an action.

We will talk to you about vision including central vision, as well as peripheral vision.

We will talk to you about touch, hearing, proprioception with its different receptors (neuromuscular spindles, Golgi tendon organs, joint receptors, etc.)

After passing the threshold of the senses we will go more specifically into the substance of the subject with the processing of information.

We will focus on the different stages of information processing, anticipation, memory with a capital M (sensory memory, short-term memory, the place of elements of information, the theory of grouping, etc.) .

The concept of attention will also be discussed.

Still in this quest to get to the heart of the matter, we will talk more about learning.

How do we define learning? How do we measure it? Theories of learning, the concepts of retention and transfer, the neurophysiological bases of learning, the stages of motor learning, the processes involved in motor progress, the different pivotal periods of learning, the rules gold of learning, etc.

This is what you can expect in this training of more than 300 pages dedicated to motor learning.

Once the sensory and motor acquisition that every human being should be able to develop, motor learning in the service of sports performance allows us to adapt our practices based on research done to date in order to optimize them. .


Nicolas Desjardins, BHS, CPN

Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences

Expert in Postural Neurology and Neurotherapy

PhD student in integrative medicine

President, Academia NeuEra inc

President, Neuro Performance Clinic and Institute

President, Swiss Neuro Performance Institute SNC

Vice President, Quantum Jump Technologies

Has more than 8000 hours of study in the field of health, therapy, sports and alternative medicine

Maurille Thunus 

Sports trainer, sports coach and trainer