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Shungite is one of the rarest minerals on the planet, whose effects are countless:


Antioxidant, antibacterial and catalytic capacities:


Shungite is one of the ores naturally containing C60 fullerenes, carbon molecules. They act as antihistamines, antioxidants and assist the body in cell regeneration. Given its porous quality, it effectively purifies water against organic and inorganic pollutants. In addition, scientists have proven that shungite is capable of removing heavy metals (copper, cadmium, mercury, lead) from water, as well as boron, phenol and benzene.

In laboratory tests, researchers report that oxidatively modified carbon was found to be very effective in absorbing radioactive metal cations, including cesium and strontium, uranium, thorium and radium, from contaminated water. Shungite has the ability to adsorb organic matter, like a sponge, and self-repair. Compared to activated carbon, shungite may demonstrate delayed results. But the more the shungite mineral is activated, the more it begins to purify impurities from the water at a higher rate and consistency, compared to activated carbon.


Protection against electromagnetic waves, including high frequencies:


EMF radiation energy (electromagnetic fields) affects the body's natural electric and magnetic fields. As a result, various biological changes occur in the body. The science describes available data on the effect of EMF on cell membranes, the structure of certain proteins, and the electrical activity of neurons. Scientists have in fact noticed that the effects of EMF are not always purely thermal.

Low-frequency waves cause disruption of ionic conduction in body cells. As a result, metabolic processes in the body are disrupted. And high-frequency waves, on the contrary, with their powerful energy improve the ionic conductivity of cell membranes.

Shungite provides protection against EMF, it is a natural composite with the properties of absorption and dispersion of EMF waves. These protective properties are associated with its unusual structure. The structure of shungite is a quartz matrix (made of silicon dioxide) inside which carbon flakes are dispersed. Therefore, shungite can block EMF radiation.


How to use it?

Several methods are recommended, such as placing a shungite stone for example next to the wifi or other source of EMF radiation, wearing a pendant, sticking a protective piece on the phone or using a piece of shungite to purify your drinking water.

For a list of comprehensive studies on shungite, follow the link.