INP-Fascia tool 3.0

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INP-Fascia Tool 3.0

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This tool is ergonomically designed. An angle allows better comfort at the wrist during use and ensures 45° contact between the tool and the skin. In version 3.0, a grip under the tool makes it easier to insert fingers, to improve comfort. The top hump has been flattened and widened to improve comfort. It has a thicker side for more sensitive areas. A central elevation has been designed to ensure better grip, better transfer of force and helps prevent cramps in the therapist. Its double edge allows better circulation of lymph.

This is a fabulous tool for optimally stimulating the sensory receptors of the skin or working on soft tissues.

Throw your old traditional gua sha in the trash, no tool on the market can compete with the INP Fascia Tool 3.0!

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