Proprioceptive ball

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Proprioceptive ball 9 cm diameter

Helps reduce tension and pain in certain areas of the body.
Spiked massage balls can be used for self-massage exercises to reduce muscle tension and stimulate the effects of sports massage. They are also effective tools in sensory therapy and therapeutic massage.

If you want to learn how to use this tool therapeutically, we recommend the following training:

The Functional Foot

The ball allows massage of the skin and muscles using the raised, densely packed points on the textured surface of the ball. The increased blood flow stimulated by the massaging action helps eliminate muscle tension, while the spikes affect the sensory organs of the skin, increasing stimulation of the nervous system. This is especially important when it comes to the soles of the feet.


  • Disable pain trigger points and ensure myofascial release and breakdown of scar tissue.
  • Correct muscle imbalances and increase blood flow to promote the healing process.
  • Increases range of motion and mobility before and after exercise.
  • Effective tool in sensory therapy and therapeutic massage.
  • Increases stimulation of the nervous system.
  • Much cheaper than a regular massage.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Use it anywhere (leave it in your workout bag).