NeuEra - The Impact of Electromagnetic Fields on Your Health

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating and often unknown world of the Champs
Electromagnetics thanks to our innovative training at Academia

“NeuEra – The impact of Electromagnetic Fields on Your Health”,
will allow you to understand the scientific complexity of disturbances
caused by these invisible fields on our body. Get started with the principles
of electromagnetism, discover its influence on our health, and
learn how recent studies have revealed its undeniable role in
dysfunctions in our body. But above all, this training
will offer you concrete and tangible solutions to protect yourself
effectively against these undesirable effects. Don't leave your health to the
thank you for the waves, stay informed and protect yourself thanks to Academia

Target audience: Open to all

Course planning:

-Presentation and Introduction (Introduction, Warning, as well as
the purpose of the presentation)

-A Little Physics (Electromagnetism, Pulsed Waves and
non-pulsed, The different types of EMFs, Radiofrequencies, Sources
of EMFs, Electric fields, Magnetic fields, Reminder
by INP 1 / NeuEra – Skin, Dirty electricity, Geobiology, Review
of Literature, as well as the specialists cited)

-Lobbying (Who is to blame, Call without callback, as well as limits
exposure limits for magnetic and electric fields and high

-The Body, A Bioelectric Device (Literature, Others
disruptors, The role of toxins, as well as the cumulative nature and

-5G (5G or 5th generation, as well as the Schumann resonance)

-The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (The effects
known about radio frequencies, electric fields, fields
magnetic, dirty electricity, radiation from the ground,
effects on humans, Symptoms in detail, as well as effects
on animals and plants)

-Solutions (Introduction, Diet, Foods to eat
favor and avoid, as well as supplementation)

-Lifestyles (heavy metals and amalgams,
Conclusion, Concrete actions to take now to
reduce our exposure, Earthing, House, Mold, Reduce
exposure, as well as kinesiological tests)

-Recommended Products (In the bedroom, Improvement of
health, Shungite, Protection against waves, Solutions for
autism, as well as measuring devices)

-Conclusion (Conclusion and References)

The costs of this training involve:
8 hours of content
An e-document of the complete presentation on screen (approximately 218 pages)
Presentation of a theoretical certificate
Online monitoring with teacher and students
An assessment of theoretical knowledge

If you have any questions about the training, contact us, a member of our team will be happy to answer you.

Please note that training can be given in your region on
request with a minimum of 10 people for a single teacher and 20
people for two teachers. It must be entirely organized by
the applicant. For more information on prices and agreements
possible, contact us!


Nicolas Desjardins, BHS, CPN

Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences

Expert in Postural Neurology and Neurotherapy

PhD student in integrative medicine

President, Academia NeuEra inc

President, Neuro Performance Clinic and Institute

President, Swiss Neuro Performance Institute SNC

Vice President, Quantum Jump Technologies

Has more than 8000 hours of study in the field of health, therapy, sports and alternative medicine.

See his full biography