NeuEra - Sell Without Pressure

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Selling is probably one of the biggest pet peeves for a healthcare professional. However, selling only means recommending to the customer what they need to solve a problem that they have asked you to solve.

Is not it?

But if it’s so simple, why do so many people have difficulty selling?
The difficulty that many people have in selling suggests that they have a certain perception, image or belief in relation to:

  • Seller
  • The act of “selling”
  • What the word sell means to them
  • How they might look when selling
  • And much more

In fact, the problem with selling always comes from the seller and never from the buyer.

In this training, you will understand what your limitations are in relation to selling and why(s) it is so difficult for you. Additionally, you will learn how to dispose of it so that you can recommend to your client what is best for them, in their interest.

What will you learn?

  • What is sales – What does it mean to sell?
  • Parameters limiting your ability to sell well
  • Understand the mechanisms that sabotage your sales
  • How to sell well
  • Distinguish between what the client says and what it means about you
  • Strategies to sell easily and simply


Simon St-Jean B. Sc. Kin.

Posturologist, Neurotherapist, Specialist in nutritional bioavailability, Kinesiologist

Founding President, Reviv Center

Founding President, Quantum Jump Technologies

Founding President, South Shore Posturology

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