NeuEra - Applied Synergology Level 1

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Target audience: trainer / kinesiologist / manual therapist / naturopath / sports psychologist / nutritionist / coach / massage therapist / osteopath / physiotherapist / chiropractor / ENT / occupational therapist / posturologist / podiatrist / physical rehabilitation therapist / sports therapist / acupuncturist / etc.

*Although these training courses are focused on sports coaching, all of the material transfers to any other area of ​​your life!


Learn how to spot, decode and interpret your customers' body language (non-verbal). By integrating these concepts into your daily practice, you will be able to better understand your clients and thus offer them an even more personalized professional service. You will be surprised to see how much is not said but can significantly influence your approach with your client.

You will improve your consultations/evaluations on these aspects:

  • Better understand your customer
  • Detect when there is an inconsistency between speech and body language
  • Promote customer retention
  • Improve your communication
  • Adapt the intervention in real time
  • Improve the support relationship by offering your customer unparalleled service

 *Training recognized by the FKQ (non-kinesiology category)

Level 1 – Introduction to Applied Synergology

During this innovative training, you will find that communication is largely non-verbal. You will experience total immersion in this little-known language, yet used by everyone.

These new skills will allow you to understand your customers at a higher level. In particular, by learning what to watch.

At the end of this training you will be armed with effective tools that can be applied immediately in the field in your profession.

  • Introduction
  • The head axes
  • The quadrants of the gaze
  • The physiognomy of the eyes
  • Arm and leg crossings
  • Hands
  • Chair positions
  • Questions answers
  • Certificate


Manuel Constant, Synergologist

Following his specialization, he chose to use his expertise by designing training adapted to different professional environments and founded Syner-Go.

Passionate but critical, he continually educates himself on the subject.

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