NeuEra - The Lymphatic System

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This first course includes various theories from immunology, physiology, but also from various manual or holistic therapies. 

You will learn to reproduce the methods with quality, in addition to having the documentation explaining the scientific foundations which justify the use of these protocols and their impacts on the body.

The areas of application are vast, such as injury prevention, physical preparation, performance, healing support, etc.

Target audience: Massage therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, ENT, occupational therapist, trainer, physiotherapist, posturologist, podiatrist, physical rehabilitation therapist, sports therapist, kinesiologist, etc.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction (The lymphatic system, the basic principles, our interest as neurotherapists)
  • Anatomy (the science behind the lymphatic system, circulatory system, your heart, lymphatic tissue, lymphatic organs and nodes, and the main trunks and ducts)
  • Functions (overall role, functioning, immunity, as well as hydrodynamics)
  • Lymph and Fascia (the relationships between these two major systems)
  • The Extracellular Matrix and Fascia (the interaction between the extracellular matrix and the lymphatic system)
  • Lymph and Brain (cerebral lymph and mild brain injury, as well as circadian control of glymphatic and cerebral lymphatic fluid flow)
  • Lymph and Nutrition (the issues of difficulty losing weight, sugar cravings and the lymphatic system, as well as the absorption of molecules)
  • Lymphatic Disruptors (9 things that can harm your lymph, signs of bile stagnation, bile reducers, healthy fats, and foods that stimulate bile production)
  • Therapeutic Solutions (normality, poor circulation, ice and the lymphatic system, obsolete solutions, as well as things to consider for lymphatic fluid to circulate)
  • Teeth and Lymph (the interaction between teeth and the lymphatic system)
  • Detoxification Techniques (starting detoxification, factors other than lymph, detoxification bath with baking soda and its benefits, Epsom salt bath, side effects of lymphatic baths, alternating hot showers and cold, as well as infrared sauna therapy)
  • Exercises and Other Methods (Chapman's neuro-lymphatic points, neurovascular points, as well as different ways of circulating lymph)
  • Clinical Assessment and Treatment (the lymphatic protocol, lymphatic drainage, priority Chapman points, palpation of the main regions, drainage areas, kinesiology-type lymph testing, exercises for lymphatic circulation, as well as than clinical findings during the confinement period)


Michael Lapointe Arcuri

Recognized professional specializing in orthotherapy

University study, Concordia – Athletic Therapy

(AMS) Academy of Scientific Massage

CIES training in posturology from Dr. Bricot

Modern manual therapy

Neurokinetic therapy (level 1-2-3)

PDTR. Proprioceptive deep tendon reflex. Module 1-2

(EBFA) Evidence based Fitness Academy

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Nicolas Desjardins, BHS, CPN

Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences

Expert in Postural Neurology and Neurotherapy

PhD student in integrative medicine

President, Academia NeuEra inc

President, Neuro Performance Clinic and Institute

President, Swiss Neuro Performance Institute SNC

Vice President, Quantum Jump Technologies

Has more than 8000 hours of study in the field of health, therapy, sports and alternative medicine.

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