Lilian Durey

Lilian Durey

Consultant and trainer in the science of flow, optimal breathing and meditation for 10 years. Helps coaches, athletes and entrepreneurs to develop a state of mind and practices of breathing, regeneration and meditation to promote flow, concentration and creativity.

- Yogin flow - yoga teacher, facilitator of workshops on functional movement

- Trainer

- Director and creator of Movemental


- Oxygen advantage advanced certification

- The science of flow and high performance, psychology neuroscience and optimization

- international certification in yoga: Hatha, vinyasa, yin, meditation

- Master in STAPS


Lilian is an aspiration to encourage you to be the change you dream of and live the flow. He has been working for more than 10 years to develop the new paradigm of the potential of being human where science collaborates with spirituality. His mission today

It is to inspire change and provide the skills to make your dreams come true. He shares through online programs and Woui flow experiences where he redefines events and training between participatory shows, conferences, workshops and personal development. 

He developed the structure of his knowledge with the study of a master's degree in sports sciences and society in Paris Saclay and the United States. At the end of his master's degree, he encountered yoga and trained with various techniques of movement, breathing and of meditation.

 Trained in dance since young, he combines these years of training in functional movement and yoga. (Prana FLow yoga, oxygene advantage…

It was then that he encountered the science of flow and realized that this concept brings together contemplation and high performance, athletes and yogis, monks and entrepreneurs. This is how he shares the formula for expressing human potential accessible in the modern era.

Its mission is to share the progress of the most innovative sciences and participate in living the new paradigm that it calls “quantum flow”. or even a new “faith” in life that can unite us on a planetary scale.