Francois Roux

Vice-Président, Institut Neuro Performance SNC Suisse

Posturologue et Neurothérapeute en formation
En rédaction de la formation INP-Quantum Jump et SNC.

François Rioux

After my secondary studies, I wanted to do a degree in chemistry. Following my father's sudden deafness, I decided to join the family sports store in 1997. It specialized in ski boots, my father, a foot enthusiast with nearly 25 years of experience in the field, the virus passes to me.

The store being closed in the summer, I began training as a canyoning guide in Interlaken in 1999. On July 29 of the same year, following a big storm, I was caught in the deadliest accident so far, 21 people have died in the tragedy out of 54 people involved (3 guides and 18 clients). At 22, the shock was significant and brought about a major paradigm shift in my vision of life and the real value of things... Things don't just happen to other people!!! From then on my philosophy focuses on human relations and loses my values ​​attached to materialism. This did not slow down my ambitions as a guide and I set up a canyoning company the following summer.

Over the years, I continued my passionate activity of selling ski boots in winter and supervising customers in the great outdoors in summer. I do all the training offered and organized by SIDAS/Podiatech ( Voiron orthopedic center) in order to refine my skills to the extent that they could go. My thirst for finding solutions pushes me as an autodidact to move forward on the subject.

March 5, 2012 - I wake up feeling gassy, have a lot of difficulty getting dressed, I had a double cerebral embolism... Good reminder - it still doesn't just happen to other people.

Once again, the universe makes me aware of the true values ​​of things. More than ever, I want to help people... I am starting my training in postural neurostabilization. With three years of rather incredible results I'm looking to go further and bam!!! Here I am completely entangled with the institute!

Accustomed to accidents, 3 cruciate ligament operations on the same knee, broken/displaced radius-ulna, multiple nose fractures, etc., I know the pre and post-operative rehabilitation and the related psychological implications. I never get discouraged!!!

Spoken languages

French, English, German


  • Business School
  • Higher School in General Culture (physics, chemistry, biology, psychology)
  • Canyoning guide/instructor (1999)
  • Director of Evasion Sports in Verbier since 2005

Training – Education