Barbara Merlette

Barbara has been a trained physiotherapist since 2017. 

She worked for 5 years in a hospital environment, assigned to various departments which allowed her to train in different health issues (cardiology, traumatology, intensive care, oncology, pediatrics, rheumatology, etc.). 


Very interested in the sporting field and the search for physical performance, she practiced calisthenics, crossfit, weightlifting and tried climbing. Which led him to undergo certification in physical preparation, recovery, nutrition and to follow other training on movement optimization. 


At the same time, the numerous readings in personal development and the passage of the USUI Reiki mastery allowed him to support people towards “well-being”. 

In this continuum of movement and spirituality (or the search for well-being and harmony in all spheres of life) she obtained certification as a vinyasa yoga teacher. 


One thing leading to another, these multiple explorations ended up leading her to the world of functional neurology, where she found numerous answers to her questions concerning this quest for “performance” on all levels of being, that is- that is, by returning to the essentials of human functioning. 


It was finally the time to bring together all the elements of his curriculum into holistic support for all bodies (physical, mental, energetic, spiritual). 


She continues to train, practice and constantly evolve her questions about the mysteries of the human body through this holistic practice and is proud to be part of the Neuera team which works in this direction!