The critical link between your foot health and your brain

It is important to understand above all that thanks to the receptors in the feet, the body orients itself in space. The foot is a sensory input used by your brain to know your position in the environment. Foot posture influences the alignment of your lower extremities because they guide the movement of your entire body.

By improving the proprioception of your feet, you not only reduce the risk of injury and your basic tone, you increase your sports performance.

For example, if an individual has an imbalance in their foot contacts with the ground, the information received by the skin of the feet is directed to the parietal cortex and will activate the frontal lobes in a non-identical manner. These frontal lobes will activate involuntary motor pathways unevenly and incompletely, thereby creating static and dynamic muscular tensions.

The Proprioception Enhancer tool created by the Neuro Performance Institute allows you to stimulate not only one (1) but five (5) receptors in the foot, including the following:

1. Nociceptors

2. Thermoreceptors

3. Mechanoreceptors

4. Chemoreceptors (with the use of a special cream)

5. Baroreceptors


INP-Fascia Tool

Using this tool will help minimize these imbalances that harm your performance or simply your quality of life. Tomorrow we will show you how to test the proprioception of your feet. Do you think you have a foot imbalance?

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Nicolas Desjardins, BHS
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