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 Training available with or without the Q-Box option


The mini NeuEra training – Q-Technology Training for Junior Tester is also offered free with this package!

This pack allows you to become a Senior Authorized Tester by Q as soon as you pass the in-class exam, during which your Q-Box will be handed to you.

By becoming a Senior Authorized Tester by Q, you get a 25% discount on all NeuEra training courses over CAD 1,600 (approximately €1,100), excluding pre-sale prices, not cumulative on the price of two or more training courses.

*Subject to completing your practical training and obtaining your affiliation code.*

If you wish to purchase only the training without the Q-Box, use the promo code   " formation seule" during purchase.

Course Schedule
- The Central Nervous System:
  This section contains theory on posture and the autonomic nervous system, possibilities, different parts of the nervous system, the central nervous system, anatomy and structure, the spinal cord, cranial nerves, brainstem, cerebellum, diencephalon, telencephalon, the difference from the peripheral nervous system, as well as nervous system diseases.

- Nervous System, Fascia, and Tensegrity:
  This section contains theory on the nervous system, the functional loop of the CNS, the CNS and fascia, fascia and tensegrity, as well as balance, stability, and the reflex loop.

- What Can Disrupt the Functioning of the CNS?:
  This section contains theory on exhaustive and non-exhaustive disruptors of the central nervous system.

- Sensory Deafferentation:
  This section contains theory on sensory deafferentation and its consequences, comparison between the foot and the eye, Q and podal exteroceptive regulation, the foot and the brain.

- Electromagnetism and Magnetism:
  This section contains theory on the definition of electromagnetism, concepts, the human brain and geomagnetic field, magnetic polarity in human physiology, the principle of body polarity, electromagnetic fields and the human body, major difficulties in calculation techniques, low-frequency problems, specific modeling problems related to the phenomenon and geometry, electric and magnetic fields of the body, dosimetry of electric and magnetic fields, and unanswered phenomena when using Q technology.

- Schumann Resonance and Living Beings:
  This section contains theory on the ionosphere and radio waves, the HAARP project, Schumann resonance, its harmonics and functioning, wave modulation and living beings, the main observed brain rhythms, slow rhythmic sinusoidal waves, the realm of waves, electromagnetic DNA, dynamized water, human psychophysiology and rhythm, raw EEG frequency bands, and energy balance and yin yang.

- Nogier Frequencies:
  This section contains theory on Nogier frequencies.

- Interesting Research:
  This section contains theory on innovative technical implementation of Schumann resonances and their influence on organisms and biological cells, research implications and directions, the mysterious quantum sense of birds, cortisol secretion and recovery, and scalar waves as the medicine of tomorrow.

- Quantum Physics:
  This section contains theory on the physical body, the energetic body and quantum physics, first steps in quantum physics, Schrödinger's cat, and the birth of Time.

- What is Q Technology?:
  This section discusses the composition of the technology itself and its mechanism of action.

- The 3 Available Technologies:
  This section contains explanations about Q-One, Q-S, and Q-Ultra, animal technology, and technology for the digestive system and immunity.

- Podiatry and Posturology Analyses:
  This section contains theory on podiatry, posturology, the transition from the functional body to the sensory body, podiatric analysis, static postural analysis, basic dynamic NeuEra, result analysis, comparison with and without Q technology, demonstration with spinal deviation, postural correction with different technologies, examples of static, dynamic, and stabilometric platform analysis on 3 people, definition of postural tolerance, different types of usable wedges, basic use of shims, and correlations between feet and scapular planes.

- Clinical Results and Consultations:
  This section contains information on our clinical results, contexts of technology use, videos of positive experiences conducted at NeuEra, Q and sleep, and the use of Q in consultations.

- For Different Professions:
  This section contains information on the manufacture of podiatric or posturological insoles integrating Q technologies, purchasing pre-designed insoles for trainers and therapists, and resale prices for trainers and therapists.

Fees include:
- 3 days of cutting-edge training
- An e-document of the complete screen presentation (193+ pages)
- A downloadable practical e-document
- Certificate issuance
- Online follow-up with the professor and students
- Knowledge assessment


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