NeuEra - Montreal June 14 to 16, 2024 - Myonik 2

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Face-to-face training


From June 14 to 16, 2024
Location : 

Caballus Center

4600 Bd des Grandes-Prairies, Saint-Léonard, QC H1R 1A1, Canada

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The new era of the Myonik system is here with "NeuEra - The Myonik System, Level 2". Five years of careful study, experience and clinical development have produced a veritable treasure trove of advanced knowledge. This is not just a follow-on course, but a deeper, more advanced exploration of the science behind joints, neurology, and how they relate to the rest of the body.

Discover osteology, new scientific hypotheses, and exciting topics such as embryology applied in theory and practice. Master revolutionary techniques in manual therapy. Understand the intricacies of ligaments, the hormonal system, neuromuscular spindles and the Golgi tendon organ. Explore the neurophysiology as well as electromagnetic corrections and concepts of the deep tendon reflex.

And that's not all. "NeuEra - The Myonik System, Level 2" also offers you an update of Myonik protocols, new techniques in manual therapy and valuable information on symptoms related to joints and even scars.

So what are you waiting for to dive into this training and advance your knowledge and skills? Invest in progress, invest in the future with "NeuEra - The Myonik System, Level 2". The areas of application are vast, such as injury prevention, rehabilitation, physical preparation, performance, healing support, etc.

Targeted audience : Massage therapist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, doctor, osteopath, chiropractor, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, posturologist, podiatrist, physical rehabilitation therapist, sports therapist, physical rehabilitation therapist …)


Prerequisite training:



Course planning


-          The Articular axes (the joints)

-          Osteology (osteology and bone health)

-          Articular Neurology

-          Symptoms Related to Joints (referred nerve pain, vision in holistic medicine, spine and organs, the back like a control panel, the sphenoid joint, the cervical spine, the atlas, C1 to C3 and L5)

- The scars

-         The New Joint Tests (internal scars, palatal suture, tongue, wisdom and missing teeth, bone cracks, elbow – total test, rapid knuckle test, sacrococcygeal joint, joint patellofemoral, ankle – inversion and eversion, as well as the metatarsals and anterior tarsus)

-         The New Scientific Hypotheses (the lymphatic system, piezoelectricity, bioelectric charge, skin and voltage, positive and negative ions, Ohms or amps, injury currents, microcurrents, electromagnetic fields and water of the body, nervous system and healing, neuromuscular spindles, muscle contraction, neurological pathways in the skin, nerve compression, nerves and fascia, ligaments and fascia, as well as transgenerational memories)

-          Applied Embryology in Theory (a little integrative medicine, the embryological reality in reflexotherapy, embryological bases of the 3 tissue rules, the embryological sheets, as well as the hypotheses)

-          Applied Embryology in Practice (test chart, development of endoderm, old and new mesoderm, ectoderm, as well as their related structures)

-          Ligaments (ligaments and gamma loop)

-          Hormonal System, Neuromuscular Spindles, Golgi Tendon Organ and Ligaments (neuropeptides and hypothalamus, adrenal glands and ligaments, as well as adrenal glands and muscular system)

-         The NeuEra Method for Tissues (the concept of osteopathic lesion, the theory of the bioelectric body, as well as the NeuEra method for tissues)

-          The Deep Tendon Reflex

-          Neurophysiology (neurophysiology, the tendon reflex, myotatic reflexes and flexion reflexes, spindles – OTG and trauma, the new functions of the proprioceptive system in skeletal biology, as well as tendon neuroplastic training)

-         Electromagnetic Corrections (the origin of the disease according to polarity therapy, public scientific hypotheses, practice of objects, as well as practice on tissues)

-          Update of the Myonik Protocols (the Yintang, the priorities, the lymph, the variations for the fascia, the deep anterior fascia, the superficial posterior fascia, the variations for the FNM and OTG, the extraocular muscles, as well as the lobes of the brain)

-          Nerve Correction (nerves, nerves of the upper and lower limbs, of the autonomic nervous system, as well as priority and non-priority correction of nerves)

-          Ligament Correction (ligaments of the head, neck, thoracic, abdominal, shoulders and arms, hips and knees, as well as ankles and feet)

-          New Techniques in Manual Therapy (suboccipitals, eye fascia and extraocular muscles, palate and hamstrings, massage for the TMJ, the bony membrane of the forearm, theory on the pumping of the hamstrings, the link between the pectoral and the quadriceps, the link between the calf and the rhomboid, hand-nude therapy, skin the cat, as well as specific gua sha)

-          Movements to Practice (biomechanics of the foot)

-         Recommended Products

- Conclusion

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