Neurotherapy is a set of techniques used to restore problems related to the nervous system and make it optimal.

All our senses, sensations and emotions continually inform our brain about our projection into space, the apprehension of what surrounds us as well as the physical body perception. The quality of our conscious senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, proprioception) and unconscious senses (inner ear and balance) are of paramount importance to inform our brain about the movements we make.

In neurotherapy, the conscious and unconscious senses are our postural sensors. Neurotherapy involves going around these sensors to determine if any of them are failing and sending false information to the brain.

The tone increases with sensitive information normalization because the coding quality is improved before the implementation of the movement itself.

The neurotherapy training particularity at NeuEra is that it integrates not only posturology, but also manual therapy, energy medicines, quantum physics, biochemistry as well as the emotional system.

The neurotherapy course is a combination of different techniques, effective and applicable in clinic or in a consultation for physical training. It includes techniques that have contributed to NeuEra's excellent reputation over the years.

At the end of this training, you will be able to practice quality evaluations, in addition to having the documentation explaining the scientific basis that justifies the use of different protocols and their impacts on the body. These protocols will be easily integrated into your practice and will distinguish you from your competitors as soon as your training is completed.

The fields of application are vast, such as injury prevention, rehabilitation, physical preparation, performance, support for healing, etc.

Ideal for: Massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, ENT, occupational therapists, coaches, physiotherapists, posturologists, chiropodists, physical rehabilitation therapists, sports therapists, acupuncturists, etc.

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