NeuEra - The Vestibular System Level 1

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The inner ear has a huge place in the postural system and can lead to deviations, loss of balance, poor activation of the extensor muscles, etc. Mastering these concepts will revolutionize your practice!

This training includes the theory of the inner ear and its relationships with the postural system. You will learn to evaluate and recalibrate the vestibular system, detecting potential asymmetries in the semicircular canals or otolithic organs (the saccule or the utricle).

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to the Vestibular System
  • Anatomy (The ear, the vestibule, the anterior and posterior membranous labyrinth, the semicircular canals, the innervation and vascularization of the inner ear, the endolymph and the perilymph, the vestibular receptors of the membranous labyrinth, the saccule and the utricle, the ampullae, the physiology of the vestibule, the responses of the saccule and the utricle, the functioning and roles of the otolithic organs, the central connections of the vestibule – static and dynamic functions, the structure of the vestibular epithelium , sensory cells and their polarization, support cells, feedback control of information intake by sensory cells, vestibular, hair and calcium cells, as well as the vestibular nuclei.
  • Roles on the Rest of the System
  • Anatomical Relations with Other Systems (The neurophysiology of balance, the information pathway, the vestibular system and its relationships, the vestibular system and the autonomic nervous system, the vestibular apparatus, the vestibular nuclei, the nucleus tract solitary and the cerebellum, receptors, vision, the proprioceptive system, the vestibular system, the effector systems, conjugated oculomotor skills, somatic motor skills, as well as the vestibule within the balance system.
  • Reflexes Connected to the Inner Ear (Reflexes, the vestibulo-ocular reflex, as well as the vestibulo-colic reflex)
  • Postural Neurology and its Pathologies (equilibration, the balance system as a whole, the rebalancing of electrical activity, the intervention of all nervous structures, the overall and schematic functioning, vestibular physiology, vestibular compensation, the vestibular nerve and its problems, as well as the introduction of the vestibular rehabilitation method)
  • Emotions, Vestibular System and Laterality (The theory of functional brain systems, from the emotional system to vestibular modalities, evidence of laterality in the vestibulo-cortical network, development of laterality, overlap of associative vestibular circuits with frontal emotional centers , the predominance of the right hemisphere for negative emotions, the integration of the theory of functional brain systems, anxiety, right hemisphere and balance disorders, hostility and vestibular modality, evidence of functional brain systems, as well as the proposed integration model to compete with the vestibular and emotional systems)
  • Global Postural Exercises (Postural balance, as well as the integration of body exercises)
  • Tests and Corrections Related to Vestibular Neurology (Vestibular Therapy and ADHD, Miniconi sign, finger-nose test, cogwheel study, rapid head shaking maneuver, correlation between channels semicircular in relation to the ocular muscles, nystagmus observable by isolated stimulation of the canals, Alexander's law, the Epley maneuver, correction of the vestibular system, the laterality test, specific tests of the vestibular system, correlations with the modified Romberg test, the clinical protocol, as well as the fitness protocol)
  • General Maintenance Exercises (3 examples of sessions, as well as the elephant exercise)
  • Tinnitus and Solutions (7 reflexes to avoid having or worsening tinnitus, as well as other avenues in the treatment of tinnitus)
  • Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy (Support for vestibular rehabilitation, dizziness, vertigo, headaches and nausea, as well as acupuncture for tinnitus)


Nicolas Desjardins, BHS, CPN

Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences

Expert in Postural Neurology and Neurotherapy

PhD student in integrative medicine

President, Academia NeuEra inc

President, Neuro Performance Clinic and Institute

President, Swiss Neuro Performance Institute SNC

Vice President, Quantum Jump Technologies

Has more than 8000 hours of study in the field of health, therapy, sports and alternative medicine.

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